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Council to Vote on Nicotine, Tobacco, and Vaping Regulations | Potluck for Se...:  6:30PM City Council meets tonight in City Council Chambers. See the meeting packet for details on any of the following. The Consent Agenda includes the items that will automatically be approved unless someone asks to discuss them:• Having History Colorado approve tax credits for historic  . . . read more

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From trails in a dirt lot, to a world-spanning sport:  

By John Akal Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pioneer of the sport, I can say that my friends and I used to ride our stingray bikes on the trails around Golden well before anyone ever thought of something called a mountain bike. Back in the late 1960’s the trails were pretty much . . .

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Cornerstone Design challenges students to envision infrastructure’s second life:  Can we economically and safely give antiquated infrastructure a second life through detection, repair, disassembly, recycling or repurposing? That was the open-ended design question faced by Mine. . . read more

Car plows through cement barrier, narrowly misses people outside JeffCo Court...:  By Emily Allen JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Golden Police are investigating after a car took out a light pole, a cement barrier and then narrowly missed several people on the sidewalk in front of th. . . read more

Company gives all 198 employees portion of $10 million bonus, including Color...:  GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — All 198 employees at a commercial real estate firm are getting part of a $10 million bonus, and that includes six workers from the offices in Golden… Read more… read more

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BBC News - US & Canada
BBC News - US & Canada

Harvey Weinstein 'reaches tentative $25m deal with accusers':  The reported deal comes ahead of the film mogul's separate rape and sexual assault trial next month. read more

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From City Hall:

Featured – City of Golden, Colorado
Where the West Lives!

Let the engagement begin!:  On Saturday, December 14, the City of Golden will host an open house and Clear Creek Corr . . . read more

Golden PD offers a new way to track crime in Golden:  The Golden Police Department now has an online Community Crime Map that maps and analyzes . . . read more


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Golden – The Denver Post
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Colorado regulators fast-tracking rules that may spur spread of community sol...:  Solar energy advocates are hoping that state regulators' decision to put proposed rules for community solar gardens on a fast track will help Colorado reclaim a leading role in an arena that it p. . . read more

Kickin’ It with Kiz Podcast: How a dying father’s words shaped a football coa...:  Colorado School of Mines coach Gregg Brandon leads an undefeated Orediggers football team into the NCAA Division II playoffs. In this edition of the Kickin' It pod, find out how words from his fa. . . read more

The Golden Transcript:

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DDRC Players find new home at Colorado ACTS:  It's a good problem to have when a small theater has grown over the years to the point that it needs a bigger venue to accommodate its audience. . . . read more

Letter to the editor: Violated his oath:  The President of the United States takes an oath of office required by our Constitution. Every President from George Washington to Abraham Lincol. . . read more

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Newsboy Statue

"Newsboy" is one of Golden's many pieces of public art. He stands at the end of the Washington Avenue bridge in front of the Golden Visitors Center, just across Clear Creek from Golden's historic downtown business district. The headline on the newspaper he holds in the air reads "Truth".


Golden Views - Opinion:

Golden Views

What’s wrong with this picture?:    Have you noticed all the fire department rescue trucks parked near the Clear Creek Trail in Golden the last month or so?   This photo was taken June 12, 2018, and the shiny red truck parked next to the trail … Continue reading read more

From Golden's Mayor:


Finally Facebook Friendly:  Dear Readers,

This blog is moving to Facebook under the name "Mayor Marjorie Sloan." I hope you'll join me there, where I intend to submit much more frequent entries about issues, events, an . . . read more

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