Trout fishers in Clear Creek Trout fishing along the Golden Mile of Clear Creek.

Clear Creek in Golden is a popular spot to fish for trout. Browns predominate, but there are brook, cutbow, cutthroat and rainbow trout too. Park adjacent to the kayak course and Lion's Park, and drop your line there, or walk a bit upstream. There are several handicapped accessible paths to the water's edge, making this stream a perfect place for fishers with physical limitations.

In 2009, West Denver Trout Unlimited dedicated its "Golden Mile" of first class trout habitat in Golden. The Golden Mile stretches along Clear Creek from Jefferson County's Grant Terry Park to Vanover Park in Golden. By adding depth, pools, current breaks and other features, the Golden Mile project created a perfect place for trout to flourish, which means good fishing for fly fishers in Golden. In October, 2011, West Denver Trout Unlimited dedicated its Golden Reach project, a 3/4 mile section of Clear Creek habitat seven miles upstream from Golden.

To fish in Colorado, one must have a valid Colorado Division of Wildlife Fishing License except during Free Fishing Weekend the first full weekend in June. Click this sentence for licensing information. Licenses can be obtained online or from Division of Wildlife License AgentsMeyer Home Center and Golden River Sports are two licensing agents within easy walking distance of the Golden Mile.

Clear Creek is beautiful, but its fast cold current can surprise the unwary. The rocky bed of the creek can make balancing in the current tricky.